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Rambaud stated in an official statement that the "launch of our virtual reality retail experience, iwc replica watches Virtual Boutique perfectly embodies brand DNA and offers a tailored internet shopping experience." Visitors can now have the convenience and accessibility of an iwc replica watches experience outside of traditional retail outlets,replica iwc watches in a world where virtual connections are increasingly common and more accessible than physical.

This concept allows the brand to interact with younger clients on a more personal digital level and create a bold new front in its retail network. The platform will continue to improve as more people use it. This bold move allows the company to expand its digital client relationships.

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The iwc replica watches SEA marketing team led the project in collaboration with INSPIFY (a Singapore-based technology company). iwc replica watches has been working with the company on an existing retail initiative that connects content from publishers and social networks to iwc replica watches's product offerings.Rolex Replica Watches Rambaud says that to build and improve the platform, it required great collaboration at the regional and headquarter level and across functional teams: Digital Marketing, Retail Operations and Client Experience.

He also mentioned that the possibility of expanding this concept into other boutiques was under discussion. At present, our focus is on improving our existing store. We'll need to keep an eye on this project to see how it develops.