Scientific Evaluation Rules

Publication of studies within the HTL Series is subject to the following Scientific Evaluation Rules (hereinafter "SER") approved by the Scientific Directors and adopted by the Scientific Committee:
  • 1. Publication within the HTL Series of monographic works and collections of studies,  by ordinary scientific peer review procedure, must – after preliminary compatibility analysis with editorial guidelines in addition to clear, comprehensive and consistent exposition - be introduced by at least one Director, and is subject to the approval of the Auditor in charge of its scientific evaluation (hereinafter "Auditor") - chosen, in rotation, by the advocating Director, within the Scientific Committee - considering the subject matter of the contribution.

  • 2. The work is sent to the Scientific Committee Auditor without specifying the names of Author/s and/or Curator/s. Additionally, the Auditor's identity is also not revealed (i.e.  “blind peer review”).

  • 3. In the event that the evaluation - according to SER terms mentioned above at point (1) - is positive, the Directors authorize publication. In case the Scientific Committee Auditor expresses a positive evaluation subject to revision or editing of the work, the Directors approve publication only upon completion of the requested adaptation.

  • 4. In particular cases - law studies by full professors or renowned authors within the specific publishing sector with more than ten years of publishing continuity - Directors may apply  extraordinary scientific peer review procedure, directly evaluating scientific thoroughness, clarity, comprehensiveness, consistent exposition further to preliminary compatibility analysis with editorial guidelines, jointly authorizing publication, or - in the event of requested revisions or editing of the work - withholding approval until completion of requested adaptation.

  • 5. The Directors' undisputable evaluation to publish either under ordinary or extraordinary scientific peer review procedure is mentioned within the work printing the statement: “Publication authorized by Series Directors HTL in compliance with ordinary peer review procedure set forth by Scientific Evaluation Rules" or “Publication authorized by Series Directors HTL in compliance with extraordinary peer review procedure set forth by Scientific Evaluation Rules”.

  • 6. Are called to be part of the Scientific Committee – upon Directors' undisputable evaluation in reason of high standing acquired in the scientific field of reference – Full and Associate Professor of italian and foreign Universities.